Saturday, January 1, 2011

Zac Efron a single man

Yeah i know this is late because him and Vanessa have been broken up since like Dec 13th. But you know what i don't care. I was watching Charlie St. Cloud the other day and i just realized how hot he was , so don't judge me. After 3 years of young love the couple decided to split. They say it was mutual ,but i don't think so. I think he broke up with her because he realize how annoying her voice was. The source that confirmed this is insisting that there was no cheating and they are still friends and still talk. But you know when you say things like that it's usually the exact opposite. The two love birds met on the set of High School Musical and now that all that has ended they have ended. How convenient. Them dating was probably just to keep the media hype around High School Musical.

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