Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ophiuchus (serpentarius) Could There Be A New Zodiac

The tilt of the Earth's axis has gradually shifted since the ancient times when the Babylonians determined the dates of the Zodiac.An astrological controversy erupted online Thursday after a newspaper article erroneously suggested that the dates that determine the Zodiac signs had shifted by about a month, throwing millions of believers into self-doubt and panic.Well let me tell you guy this is not a new sign it was left out on purpose. They are trying to bring it back because of the shift. But astrologers say that when you put the 13 sign in the formulas and algorithms don't work. So don't worry your sign hasn't change, these jerks are just trying to make a buzz.But i really didn't have to worry anyways because mine didn't change. So like they say in Jersey "Forget A Bout It"

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