Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Abilene Loses

Once upon a time the South lake Carroll went to the state final 4 years in a row, but then came along the Abilene Eagles. They ended the Carroll's streak with a mean peck of the beak. But seem to bad this year the Dragon scolded the Eagles streak.No more longer champion the Eagles future looks bleak.
Real talk though the Abilene Eagles did lose to South Lake. 38 to 24. The Paxton Grayer was the first to score for the eagles .Hershel was next out of the gate with an 80 yard run for the in -zone early in the second quarter. But the dragons didnt stay down for long Kenny hill put 17 point on the board for South Carroll tieing the game up for half time, from there we know what happen and if you don't there's a video. Night night i'm sleepy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I dont know. am i the only one who found that to be awesome. I mean it could have been a lil bit better, but over all 4 star. Going NICKI. In the lil 1 hour show you really get to see how Nicki is and what she was. The show also sheads some light on the music game. I think her talking about it will really have people thinking twice. You know she's kepping it real. It' s definitely a wake up call you women trying to come into a man's world.
There is a part in the show where she takes us to Trinidad and we get to see her family. We always hear how rappers say that they are never going to forget where they come from, but she shows us that. Once there she brings gifts for her family and the next day she takes them on a shopping spree. And if you watch her the times that we see her smiling the most is when she is with her family and her joy just really seems genuine.
It was really nice to see the really Nicki because we do think of her as a doll because she is a very theatrical person and it doesn't always read as real. And a lot of that comes from the theater background she has from high school.
That cool, in your face, no nonsense Nicki is not fearless either she does have feelings. She talks about be nerves, being afraid to fail, get bashed. So i think it is important for us to remember Nicki does not always feel the way Nicki Minaj does . She was wants us to remember that she is a human beeeeeeeiiiiiinnnnnggg as she put.
Ok but forreal though Nicki Roman. That's damn hilarious. But i think she is serious about him. I've had my own Roman for about 3 years now her name is Shawne B. She cracks me up. But for those who missed it will be on again at 3pm tomorrow.

Bristol "NO MORE CAKE"

Well i know the girl did have a baby in all but, she was just on dancing with the star. Does all dance help lose weight. Why the hell is she so FAT? Having a baby does not give you two chins. Well maybe this is what she gets for making young girls think that they can get attention from being a teen mother two. Well at least her outfit is kinda cute. It takes away from the extra weight in her body at least.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Miss Barbie

Nicki Minaj’s new emotional documentary “My Time Now” is scheduled to premiere Friday, November 28th on MTV at 10 pm.Definitely something to look forward to. In the interview Nicki get teary when talking about her family and her past. The rapper talks about how she was without a mother for 2 year when her mother left for America from Trinadad. She talks how she imagined her new world being a kingdom, and it no being what she thought it would. How her father was on crack and how her parents argued. But she doesn't have to much to be sad about. She has earned her fame and payed her does and on black Friday or pink Friday as known to Nicki, her first album will drop.

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Twilight Cast Members

Wendell Pi

ercewas cast in "Breaking Dawn"

Olga Fonda was casted

Ty Olsson was cast

  • Lee Pace will play Garrett of the American nomads

  • Toni Trucks will play Mary of the American nomads

  • Noel Fisher will play Vladimir of the Romanian coven

  • Angela Sarafyan will play Tia of the Egyptian coven
  • Andrea Gabriel will play Kebi of the Egyptian coven

  • Omar Metwally will play Amun of the Egyptian coven

  • Judi Shekoni will play Zafrina of the Amazon coven

  • Tracey Heggins will play Senna of the Amazon coven

  • MacKenzie Foy will portray Renesmee

    There are many

    others but dont fell like listing them, and still there are more parts to be casted. Also guy i only know of one role that has been recasted but besides that almost all the old faces are coming back.

YEAH "Breaking Dawn"