Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crystal Rock Rocks

If you don't know Crystal is the daughter of Christian Audigier The famous fashion designer. You maybe have seen her on MTV Sweet 16. But this girl has a clothing line Called crystal rock. She combined a rocker style with a with the different ethnicity that she has seen first hand from here traveling and has rapped it all into one girl style. So this line is totally for you if you like pink punk as i call it

Monday, July 12, 2010

Miley Time

Does anybody else think Miley Cyrus's Custom outfits for her video's and concerts are getting a little to risky. I do and my mom would never let me wear something like that in public and especially not to be filmed in so that the whole world can see it. Miley slow down Hun your only 17. I'm not saying I want you to still be Hannah but just tone it not down a touch. And put on some pants. And stop almost kissing your backup dancer on stage. OK. Before Billy Ray lock you in a cage. Bet you won't be singing can't be tamed then.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My first post

Well yes this is my first post so bare with me. i decided i would pull from something i know. Seventeen! Seventeen magazine that is. It is the epitome of what my blog is about. Push boundaries in a tasteful way. I've never been the type to just match things by color. That's just for people that want to play it safe, and if that's you then this blog is not or you. Mixing and matching is what it is. Not that you have to follow my lead but just be different. You could have the exact same outfit as someone else but with a couple accessories and layering you can achieve a complete different look.
So enough with intros. Lets get down to business. as far spring i can see the denim material is making a strong come back in the sense of full dresses, denim jackets, and acid washed denim jeans. And i think we all know that denim booty shorts are never going anywhere.OK but back to denim dresses. i think they are pretty chic but you have to watch the length because i think with this less is more, because if you go to long you could end up looking like you are wearing a denim robe. As far as them make a strong statement on their own it might be a little difficult to do it with a denim dress itself. If you are going to wear a dress of that material i think pairing it with a nice belts and some suddle accessories to top it off.
Whiles it's still summer lets get the essentials in. Now we all know for summer the most important is the bikini. And not just any bikini. The trick is to find the perfect one for your body type. If you are a little big in the bust area try a higher cut bikini top to hold the girls an still you will be able to show a little cleavage. Broad shoulder can be a problem sometimes. trust me i know. So I'll share one of my secrets with you. at bikini to with spaghetti straps worked best for me. Also slouching doesn't not help it just makes you look broader. so chest out back in and walk with confidence. Now i know everyone is not a C when it comes to breast size. So if you are one of those people then floral pattern maybe for you because a pattern can create a illusion of boobs for you and a little padding wont hurt.