Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall/Winter Fashion

We can feel the change in the air. Its winter time lady's and we all know what that means. Time to break out them boots and big coats. You can pair leggings with a nice ankle boot and with a cute stripped dress with a cardigan swear. And please watch the length of the dress nobody wants to see your ass hanging all out. At this time of year can even do the Kim Kardashion and rock one of those shoulder pad blazers she is so crazy about. And when i say rock it i mean rock it.Not everybody can wear this look. Don't let it rock you. especially if you have a small head it will just make you head look even small if you go to big on the size. These style you can wear before the temperature starts to really drop.For when you can really feel the cool there are these ponchos with the big buttons down the front, but with that and some circle shade you are sure to make an entrance where ever you go. Pee coats Pee coats Pee coats, a classic. Paired withe right dark skinny pants (not jeans) and a calf boot with the right shoulder bag and scarf to set it off, you could set it out. Ed hardy also have some new winter ugg style boots out. This time with more fur; fo fur i hope. Ed hardy is great if your edgy with a girly touch or you can go punky with it too. But if you really like to rock out H&M is the store for you. The've got Gaga, Rihanna and Taylor Momsen for you. They have leather unitards, metallic dresses, futuristic dresses, leather jackets and some boom ass leggings. You know really go big this fall and winter. If you not happy with who you are now use this season and my advice and reinvent yourself. stop try to figure out who you are and start being who you want to be.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mr and Mrs.Smith

Well Will and Jada got them so child prodigies
running around they house. First Jaden doing movies and now the little 9 year old Willow is a rock star. She got that new single "I whip my hair". You'll need to go listen to that. And don't even try to download it for free. We don't steel from babys round here. And that video, that video go hard for somebody that don't know they times tables lol Willow! You know the thing i love about the Smith family the most is that Will and Jada teach their children discipline and to be their self and respect other people. Those are some well behaved kids. But we know probably behind closed doors they some bad asses! But i do love y'all keep doin what y'all doing!