Saturday, January 29, 2011

No Doubt Is Back

After the bands 4 year hiatus the band "No Doubt" hit the road again on a tour in 2009

During their hiatus, Stefani, 39, released two solo albums and became a mother to sons Kingston and Zuma.
Guitarist Tom Dumont, 40, also focused on a side project, Invincible Overlord, got married and welcomed sons Ace and Rio.
Kanal, 38, produced music for other artists including Pink and Stefani. And drummer Adrian Young, 39, toured and recorded with other bands.

On Dec 5, No Doubt performed at the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors held in Washington, D.C.   Along with James Taylor, Steven Tyler, Dave Grohl, Norah Jones, Mavis Staples and others, No Doubt paid tribute to musical legend Sir Paul McCartney .


Right now the band is planning to release a new album. Right now it is untitled. The album is expect to be released before this summer. I'm excited to see what the band has in store for us. There last album was Ready Steady released in 2001 which featured their mind blowing song "Don't Speak".

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

‘Jersey Shore’ Headed To Italy For Fourth Season

“Jersey Shore” is headed to the Motherland.
The popular MTV reality TV series starring a group of hard-partying Italian-Americans will film its fourth season in Italy, the network said Tuesday.
“While the stateside ‘Jersey Shore’ locales have become iconic for our audience, it’s really the constantly evolving dynamic amongst the cast that keeps them coming back each season,” MTV programming vice president Chris Linn said. “Europe is a fresh spin on a show that continues to reach new heights for us.”
The ongoing third season, filmed last summer, features the ongoing feud between Jenni “J-Woww” Farley and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, as well as the introduction of new cast member Deena Nicole Cortese, the wild “partner in crime” of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who has the hots for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.
The fourth season is set to premiere later this year.
The first and third season are set in Seaside Heights, N.J., and the second season sent the fist-pumping pals to Miami.
story by: Associated press

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oprah Winfrey "Open to Building a Relationship" With Half-Sister

It's been a very busy new year for Oprah Winfrey! New cable network, new baby sis...
"I look forward to building a relationship with her," the daytime queen told—who else?—BFF Gayle King today on King's radio show. "Having been burned a lot of times in other relationships, I'm the kind of person that would like to take it slow, build a relationship upon mutual respect and understanding.
"I am open to having a sisterly relationship," Winfrey continued, but such things aren't automatic and they take time.
Of course, the big reveal wasn't news to King.
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"I even knew that this was coming, I knew all the details," King began by way of introducing her pal via web conference, "but as I sat there watching the story, you told the story so beautifully, and I know that there had been a lot of conversation about when to tell, what to release, what to do. And at first I was very reticent about it being on the Oprah show...But you did it so beautifully."
Winfrey revealed on Oprah yesterday that she had a younger half-sister, who she only introduced as Patricia, who their mother, Vernita Lee, gave up for adoption in 1963. Lee, who lives in Milwaukee, recently suffered a partial stroke.
"There was much discussion about how to tell the story," Winfrey said. "I did not want this story exploited in the tabloids and have her family hounded...and have pieces of the story not be true...I felt strongly that the story should be told by somebody who..."
"Who really knew the facts," King interjected.
"I feel that I really do like her," Winfrey said of Patricia. "I'm open to building a relationship with her and allowing that to build as it should, and I'm sure it will."
Even Stedman has said "'she's the real deal,'" she added.
"I think we have...the common interest of our mother," the OWN honcho mused. "Everybody who's dealing with an ailing parent understands that process of getting care for them. And we're speaking regularly about that."
Meaning, they're not just cultivating a relationship for ratings' sake.
"I had her to dinner at my house the night before we taped the show," Winfrey continued, and they had "conversations about [Patricia's] family and how I can be helpful."
"She coming into the family at this time has been a great peace offering, a great symbol of peace-making in this family," Winfrey added. "I would say I see her as a gift."
Story by: E now

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ophiuchus (serpentarius) Could There Be A New Zodiac

The tilt of the Earth's axis has gradually shifted since the ancient times when the Babylonians determined the dates of the Zodiac.An astrological controversy erupted online Thursday after a newspaper article erroneously suggested that the dates that determine the Zodiac signs had shifted by about a month, throwing millions of believers into self-doubt and panic.Well let me tell you guy this is not a new sign it was left out on purpose. They are trying to bring it back because of the shift. But astrologers say that when you put the 13 sign in the formulas and algorithms don't work. So don't worry your sign hasn't change, these jerks are just trying to make a buzz.But i really didn't have to worry anyways because mine didn't change. So like they say in Jersey "Forget A Bout It"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are Zac and Vanessa back together

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have fuelled rumours they have rekindled their romance after stunning onlookers with their affectionate behaviour on Friday night (07.01.11).

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were "constantly touching and kissing" on a night out on Friday (07.01.11).

The pair - who ended their five-year romance last month - fuelled rumours they have reunited with their flirty behaviour at the opening of SHG's Eden Hollywood when they arrived with mutual friend Brittany Snow late in the evening.

A source told People magazine: "Vanessa was bopping around with her arms up while Zac had his hands all over her. Vanessa had a smile on from ear to ear and the two were inseparable after that."

Following their public display of affection on the dancefloor, Zac, 23, and 22-year-old Vanessa then retreated to a table - and grew even more affectionate.

The insider explained: "Zac sat in between her legs and she wrapped her arms around him. They were making out on and off for the last hour or so until closing. They acted like there was no one else in the room."

The former couple narrowly escaped being pictured together but as the '17 Again' hunk leaned in for a kiss, Vanessa pushed him away after spotting a fellow reveller with a cameraphone.

However, a source said: "They were kissing on the lips and seemed to be enjoying their night. They seem to be back together."

When news of Zac and Vanessa's break-up was announced last month, pals insisted the separation was mutual and they were still "good friends".

The pair met on the set of 'High School Musical' in 2005.

Story By: earttimes

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Victoria Justice is Breaking Out

The little teen Nick star is starting to really grab everyone's attention. She now has her own T.V. show Victorious and her new single "Freak the freak Out" has crazed the kids and me. Hahahaha. but forreal that's my song. The first the 17 year graced Nick with her talent was on Zoey 101 , where she played Lola. Her character replaced Diana , Zoey's roommate. After a couple episode Victoria's character Lola really became part of the show as Diana faded into the shades. This girl is a triple threat she can sing, dance and act. I really think she is somebody to look out for. With her head screwed on straight and her lovely personality I think she could really make her way into all of America's hearts.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Zac Efron a single man

Yeah i know this is late because him and Vanessa have been broken up since like Dec 13th. But you know what i don't care. I was watching Charlie St. Cloud the other day and i just realized how hot he was , so don't judge me. After 3 years of young love the couple decided to split. They say it was mutual ,but i don't think so. I think he broke up with her because he realize how annoying her voice was. The source that confirmed this is insisting that there was no cheating and they are still friends and still talk. But you know when you say things like that it's usually the exact opposite. The two love birds met on the set of High School Musical and now that all that has ended they have ended. How convenient. Them dating was probably just to keep the media hype around High School Musical.