Monday, November 15, 2010

New Twilight Cast Members

Wendell Pi

ercewas cast in "Breaking Dawn"

Olga Fonda was casted

Ty Olsson was cast

  • Lee Pace will play Garrett of the American nomads

  • Toni Trucks will play Mary of the American nomads

  • Noel Fisher will play Vladimir of the Romanian coven

  • Angela Sarafyan will play Tia of the Egyptian coven
  • Andrea Gabriel will play Kebi of the Egyptian coven

  • Omar Metwally will play Amun of the Egyptian coven

  • Judi Shekoni will play Zafrina of the Amazon coven

  • Tracey Heggins will play Senna of the Amazon coven

  • MacKenzie Foy will portray Renesmee

    There are many

    others but dont fell like listing them, and still there are more parts to be casted. Also guy i only know of one role that has been recasted but besides that almost all the old faces are coming back.

YEAH "Breaking Dawn"

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