Sex Talk For Teens

Well i know i said i wouldn't tell you guys what to do. BUT.... Just wait to have sex. No matter what people tell you there is no such thing as casual sex. And the possibility of having a baby at this age is just scary. I ought give you guys the numbers on couples staying together after having a baby, but i don't want to scare you guys. Your virginity is your most valuable asset. Waiting its self can just take of allot of problem that you shouldn't have as a teen. I'm talking about things like STD's, Babies, and complicating a relationship in general. I'm not saying you have to wait tell your married but think after high school or even better would be when you have a career going and you sure your ready to settle down. Even being of adult you should always take precautions if you not planning on have a baby. So girl that means the pill for you, and guy condoms. OK and right now i just have to put down the idea should always be the one to bring the condom. WRONG. a girl should always carry a condom too. Its your life take the intuitive to protect your self. And no offense guys but y'all know y'all don't like using condom. It takes a way the feeling right. Girls DON'T fall for that old trick.