Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kendall Jenner

Yes the baby Kardashian is modeling. Those pictures are hot hot HOT.... But no no NO they are to risky. Lets not forget she is 14. I don't think she should be posing like in a bikini at that age. Her age was played up to much she looks like she is at lest 20 in those pics. And Bruce you know that interview was so fake. I know you wanted to pull your hair out because you know their are going to be grown men looking at your 14 doing god knows what. But on the flip side she did have some very tasteful high fashion shots where she is fully dress. It looks like she is a natural. Who would have thunk it the tom buy sister that didn't even want to talk about a period. And Kris stop trying to be your kids friend because you know a 14 year shouldn't be doing that. And you said it yourself something somebody in their 20's would be doing. Enough said i think.

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