Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Racism For The Hunger Game Stars (At Least The Black Ones)

Apparently white people don't like it when characters turn out to be black when in their minds they should be white, but black people have to be and are more excepting of white characters. After the movie hit theaters fans had a lot to say about the black actors playing their beloved white characters from The Hunger Game books. The character Rue was played by Amandla Sternberg. I think what these ignorant people need to remember this is a little girl and she does need to hear the nonsense about how it was less sad when she died in the movie because of her skin color. There were other characters under heat too like Cinna and Thresh. Whats funny is nobody really had anything to say about Jennifer Lawrence play Katniss, a character described as have a olive skin. I myself am an aspiring writer and a long time ago i thought if my characters were brought to the big screen who i would want to play them. And i thought and i thought and i realized that my earlier statement was true that black are more excepting of white. So i my characters would probably be white not because i wrote them that why but because the movie would be seen by more people and more excepted. There no more racism, right. That's a bunch of f****ing malarkey. Yeah and being high is not an excuse for writing something racist, being high helps to show your true colors giving you the balls to say and do what your really feeling. You ever heard a drunk man tells no tails. Well neither does a high one. Just check out what these people if you want to call them that had to say...http://jezebel.com/5896408/racist-hunger-games-fans-dont-care-how-much-money-the-movie-made

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