Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zac's Back

Mmm! What kind of bad, naughty, unmentionable things will he do, we wonder … and can we do them with him?!
Oh we're bad!Zac Efron is keeping very busy these days, working on a slew of new projects, including a new comedy with Seth Rogen. While we have yet to hear from Zac what he'll be doing in the movie, Seth was kind enough to fill everyone in and reveals that 
his fans will be "shocked" to see how anti-Troy Bolton he has become.
Seth explains:
“He’s the president of a fraternity who really does despicable things, as the president of a fraternity would do,” he said. “We [Seth and his writing/producing partner Evan Goldberg] were just pitching him these ideas, and he was going along with it. We kept looking at each other, like ‘He’s actually going along with this stuff,’ and then he would come up with things that would be pushing it further and we thought, ‘Wow, people are really going to be shocked.’ And so it’s exciting to us.”
Seth adds that at first, he wasn't sure Zac was up for the part, saying:
“He was really looking to be sullied, which is why we thought it would be a good idea. I’ve met him a few times over the years and the first thing you get from him is that he knows that a guy like me would probably hate him, and he works directly to counteract that feeling, which shows an amount of self awareness that is not prevalent among many young stars these days that I’ve met at award shows recently. And I think that’s why I thought it would be really funny, he seemed like he was a really cool guy, that he’d be fun to work with and seemed that he was capable of much more than the Disney stuff we’ve seen him in.”
So much, much more! You'll all see! That stud is going to be stealing Oscars just like he's beens stealing hearts!
Now, this movie Seth. Let's talk nudity. We're thinking 90-10. That's 90% of the movie with Zac naked in some form and 10% of the moviewhere he's not, but perhaps talks about getting naked.
How does that sound to you?


Link for info on Zac's new movie

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