Thursday, December 2, 2010


Cavalries got that ass spanked tonight. Miami having a 11 point lead since the second quater as far as i know. I didn't get to watch the first quarter. But from then on Miami mantained their lead. I dont know what to say. Why weren't they playing like this from the beginning. Them 4 loses were not nessecary. Im mean i know they need time to jell but , it shouldnt have taken this long. But back to the game at hand. 3rd quarter LeBron was dominating the on the score board. Boschi and Wade also put points on the board as expected. They game was really strong tonight. 4th quarter the whole trio was on bench with a 29 point lead. Guess coach thought there was no way they could lose ,but i was getting a little scared. I have to say that the Cavaliers did play a good game, I think because they had more to prove. They wanted to prove they could do it without LeBron. I think they even wanted to give him a good ass whopping ,BUUUUTTTT that didn't happen tonight Heats won 118 to 90 BITCHS.

I'll have the specs tomorrow.....

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