Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Abilene Loses

Once upon a time the South lake Carroll went to the state final 4 years in a row, but then came along the Abilene Eagles. They ended the Carroll's streak with a mean peck of the beak. But seem to bad this year the Dragon scolded the Eagles streak.No more longer champion the Eagles future looks bleak.
Real talk though the Abilene Eagles did lose to South Lake. 38 to 24. The Paxton Grayer was the first to score for the eagles .Hershel was next out of the gate with an 80 yard run for the in -zone early in the second quarter. But the dragons didnt stay down for long Kenny hill put 17 point on the board for South Carroll tieing the game up for half time, from there we know what happen and if you don't there's a video. Night night i'm sleepy.

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